Saturday, August 18, 2007

So The Forest Service Is Up To No Good Again

First off, I would like to say thanks to the folks at Blog Oklahoma who have hooked me up in the web ring.

Second, to my fellow Okies, get your Oklahoma Centennial swag by following the link off to the right side of your screen. Although the year is starting to get long, we need to keep the rich history of this state alive and kicking.

And lastly, a quick intro for those folks coming in from Blog Oklahoma who haven't read what I have had to say just yet. First, no this is not my real name, but due to current agreements I have signed with several government agencies, I'm not allowed to use my real name. Second, I really could care less if I piss someone off. I am conservative, Pro-American, Pro Constitution, pro-gun, pro-hunting, pro-fishing (although catch and release is lame), pro-God, non-Christian, pro law enforcement and pro motorized recreation. If you don't agree with what I have to say, that's fine. I'm more than willing to accept that. I am even more than willing to discuss in an intelligent fashion our disagreement on certain issues. What I will not tolerate is some closed minded half wit making an unskilled attempt at a flame job. I will own you in less than ten words. So with that, I'm off on another rant and rave about something I hold near and dear to my heart, and that's offroad recreation.

The Forest Service is at it again. Some call it a land grab, some call it responsible access while saving the environment and some just don't have a clue. Offroaders are up in arms. Groups are coming together to save some of our most precious trails. Of course, it's the same old song and dance. A few are doing the work for the benefit of the majority, while those of us who are multi-use folks stand around, astounded by the fact that there is still a fracture in this community.

Real quick for those folks who are not familiar with what I am talking about, multi-use is a term to describe a large number of us who use our public lands in different ways. I fish, I own an evil dirt bike and I own an evil, gas guzzling SUV. Actually, it's not an SUV. It's a freaking truck for crying out loud, but since the state labels it an SUV, it's an SUV. It's a 20 year old SUV that can kick the ass of any modern day SUV at anytime and twice on Sunday. That's multi-use. Some of the other things we see are the mountain bikers, hunters, ATV's and hikers.

Hikers are usually limited to those tofu farting clowns who drive Volvos, have Free Tibet stickers, and vote for whatever presidential candidate the commies put up for sacrifice.

The hunting and fishing crowd, unfortunately, to my outlook, are in the middle of this great debate. While they buy those 4x4 pickups to get to where they are going, they are the first to chastise us who like to hit the trails in our trail rigs and dirt bikes. The tree huggers have infiltrated and have been successful in their divide and conquer technique. On the outside looking in, as usual is us who do the motorized recreation thing.

My favorite little area in the hills, a place called Red River, New Mexico is being hit by the Forest Service over their plan. If you haven't been to Red River, you need to go. Good trout fishing, awesome ski resorts, and some world class trails for wheeling. Unfortunately someone not familiar with the place would think they were in Texas, but that's a subject better left for another time and place.

The point is the opposition to folks like me are better organized, or should I say have louder voices in this fight. These folks tend to be of the "the public lands are for me to hike, not for everyone else." That's not to say that we have the 'bad apple' problem amongst us. At least when we find our bad apples, we dispose of them like they should be.

I'll be surprised if this fight can be considered a win for us. I will be surprised that some of my favorite areas of this nation are not shut down due to a gaggle of closed-minded and selfish idiots. If they do succeed in getting Red River shutdown, I will hope that they take the time to visit the Disabled American Veterans Memorial right down the road and realize that not only did they shut down public lands to everyone except for themselves, but they are also shutting down those lands to a lot of good men and women who are unable physically to explore those lands by foot................

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